A beginners tutorial regarding notation timing


How To Calculate a Diatonic Natural Minor Scale

How to calculate the chord sequence of a diatonic major scale


Another short video lesson from Yorkshire by tbottsmusic.com explaining the sequence of chords in a diatonic major scale. How the major, minor and diminished chords are formed and where they fall in the “C” major scale.


How to calculate the notation of a diatonic major scale.


Here is another short music lesson from tbotts music on how to calculate the notation of a diatonic major scale. The method for the calculation is the same for all the twelve major keys. The diatonic scale is made up of five whole tones and two semitones, from the tonic (first note) of the scale we have two whole tones, next we have a semitone, then three further whole tones finishing with a second semitone. We hope this lesson will be of use to all you aspiring piano players and may we take this opportunity to wish you many hours of happy piano playing!!!

A Tutorial on Calculating Key Signatures with the Circle of Keys.


The circle of keys is a musical device that allows us to calculate several aspects of musical theory. We hope this short video will help in teaching the musical beginner in one aspect of the circle which is how to calculate key signatures.

A Piano Tutorial For the aspiring beginner in the art of playing the piano


Hi Everyone,

This post is for the aspiring pianist who is just starting out on that wonderful journey of learning to play the piano. In the attached tutorial I have attempted to show, what I call the anatomy of the keyboard. In other words what are the note names, where they are on the keyboard,  how do they fall and how the keyboard is divided up.

Hopefully this tutorial will be of use to all who are just beginning to learn how to play the piano.


Musical Intervals explained

 Here is my presentation, a brief guide to the formation and construction of musical intervals